We remain invested in their fund and recommend them highly to other investors looking for true long-term alpha generation in Indian listed equity space

CIO of a current family office investor from the Middle-East

In Greek mythology, Metis was a winged goddess, the first great spouse of Zeus. By the fifth century BC, Metis had become the Titaness of wisdom and deep thought. She was known as the the embodiment of prudence, wisdom, and wise council. The Greek word "metis" meant a quality that combined wisdom and cunning, traits highly admired and well-regarded by the Athenians of the time.

Similarly, the manager's vision is long-term for Metis Capital. MCM goal is to deliver minimum 17% annualized USD return till 2030 when Indian economy will near $10t at an annualized return of 12%. Our philosophy and process is deeply rooted in our ingrained competitive advantage of sincere, passionate long-term thinking. We try hard to filter out the daily "noise" generated in equity markets and employ certain tools to ensure that we are not missing the "forest from the trees", while staying focused on ongoing individual business performance. Our investment framework, built on an edifice of the highest ethical judgment and sound reasoning, offers us the best probability to preserve and smartly grow your hard-earned wealth. Metis Capital thrives on analytical intensity and investing discipline. We use multiple valuation techniques to triangulate a conservative estimate of intrinsic value using primarily fundamental variables, forensics (in depth understanding of accounting standards), and an on the ground research. We then build a diversified portfolio of businesses with a concentrated focus on our best ideas. Our anchor investors are respected families based out of Middle East, Europe, & India (for onshore clients) and we have almost 100% of our net worth invested in the strategy....we believe in "eating our own cooking".

Please see the fund returns the manager has delivered over the last 9+ years and read a few of the newsletters that explain the thinking we have had over the years, along with specific portfolio maneuvers. We are seeking truly long-term, high-conviction, and loyal partners for the upcoming period where we are poised to deliver excellent returns- we expect greater than minimum 5% outperformance target for the next decade as returns catchup and businesses continue growing value. We look forward to your feedback and are always available to hear all thoughts (especially views which might not currently agree with our own!).

Please see the traits of an ideal investor for our strategy.